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Ban John Kerry/Balder Odinson's youtube account.

In March 2013, a youtube user named OperationSpider(aged 15) made one harmless comment on a youtube video regarding a movie. After an hour, the user named John Kerry(aged 40+) replied to that comment. OperationSpider then debunked that comment, John Kerry escalated the situation through hacking OperationSpider's youtube account, stealing pictures of him, and making accounts in his name and repeatedly stalked him for days on end making pedophilic comments.Since this was made aware to OperationSpider, many requests to ban the John Kerry/Balder Odinson account(recent name change) to youtube have failed, despite obvious law breaking and continued pedophilic and racist behaviour present. After a thorough check of past activity, it was also discovered that this behaviour was demonstrated to at least 5 other youtube users. As a last resort, I request at least 100 signatures to then present to youtube to have this account banned.

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